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Dr. Denis SlinkinThe appointment begins with a conversation with the patient and an anamnesis. It is necessary to inform the neurologist that there were diseases of his profile in the family, tell him in detail about the symptoms, tell him when and from where they began, and others.

At the reception, you should bring all available medical documentation - the results of examinations, outpatient records, if it is on hand. If it is not possible to speak clearly with the patient, a relative or accompanying person should come to the appointment to answer questions.

After the initial conversation, the doctor will understand whether there are any speech or conscious disorders, says Dr. Denis Slinkin.

The patient will then be examined externally. The neurologist draws attention to the symmetry of the shoulders and extremities, posture, motor activity, notes shaking of the hands or body. The doctor will ask you to squeeze his hand to check muscle strength. In neurological pathology, it may be different on different hands.

The neurologist investigates reflexes - skin, periosteum, pupil, tendon, meningeal. Tendinous reflexes are checked by lightly hitting the tendon of the muscle sought. Pupils - by moving the hammer in front of the patient's face, who should watch him with one eye.

Types of mucous membrane reflexes and how to check them:

  • Swallowing - if you act on the mucous membrane, swallowing will occur;
  • heaven - the sky pulls up when you touch it;
  • corneal - when the doctor touches the cornea of the eye, the lids close;
  • anal - the sphincter shrinks when tingling around the anal opening.

Skin reflexes are tested by irritating the skin with a certain object. As a result, the muscles locally contract. There are the following skin reflexes:

  • sole - toes are bent if the skin of the foot is affected;Denis Slinkin
  • creamy - if you influence the skin of the thigh from the inside, the testicle tightens;
  • abdominal - the doctor quickly moves the handle of the hammer over the abdominal skin, in response to which the oblique and straight muscles contract.

The skin's temperature sensitivity is checked by applying tubes of different temperatures to the body, so says Dr. Denis Slinkin.

Dr. Denis Slinkin states that the pain sensitivity is tested with light tingling needles. The tactile sensitivity is assessed by cutting off a piece of tissue or brush.

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