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Neurological Journal of South East Asia



Chong Tin TAN

Assistant Editors

Heng Thay CHONG
Khean Jin GOH
Kum Thong WONG

Editorial Board

Merdias ALMATSIER (Indonesia)
Prasert BOONGIRD (Thailand)
Yuk Wah CHAN (Hong Kong)
MI MI CHO (Myanmar)
Siwaporn CHANKRACHANG (Thailand)
Richard KAY (Hong Kong)
Duc Hinh LE (Vietnam)
Lillian LEE (Philippine)
Robert G LEE (Canada)
Wei Ling LEE (Singapore)
Shih Hui LIM (Singapore)
Kammant PHANTHUMCHINDA (Thailand)
Niphon POUNGVARIN (Thailand)
Nimal SENANAYAKE (Sri Lanka)
Simon SHORVON (Singapore)
Jose C NAVARRO (Philippine)
Sui Chee ON (Brunei)
Chai Beng TAN (Singapore)
Pongsukdi VISUDHIPHAN (Thailand)
Woon Chee YEE (Singapore)

ASEAN Neurological Association Council

Alejandro C BAROQUE II (Philippine, Chairman)
Sui Chee ON (Brunei)
H SAMINO, Dede GUNAWAN (Indonesia)
Khean Jin GOH, Chong Tin TAN (Malaysia)
Hui Meng CHANG, Christopher CHEN (Singapore)
Jithanorm SUWANTAMEE, Rawiphan WITOONPANICH (Thailand)
Duc Hinh LE (Vietnam)


ASEAN Neurological Association


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Aims and Editorial Policy

The Neurological Journal of South East Asia is the official journal of the ASEAN Neurological Association (ASNA). The primary purpose is to publish the results of study and research in neurology, especially those that have particular relevance to human neurological disease occurring in countries in South East Asia region.

Subscription Rate

The Neurological Journal of South East Asia is published half-yearly at an annual subscription of US $30.

Business Correspondence

Including subscription orders, back issues, reprints and advertisements should be sent to:

  Neurological Journal of South East Asia,
  c/o Neurology Laboratory, University Malaya Medical Centre,
  Kuala Lumpur 59100, Malaysia.